• To Whom It May Concern

    To whom It May concern;
    I am writing today to express my opinion, and in doing so I am invoking our First Amendment – the Freedom of Speech. You may find me naive, and maybe I am, for I believe that the changes we are seeking are obtainable. If we as a people come together, informed and educated, we will put progress in motion.
    As part of the Occupy Movement I have seen and heard about negative and violent protests in our country just as you have. However, have you noticed that these reports are from the same cities? The cities that have been chosen to be seen based on that negativity. Have YOU seen OccupySeattle, or OccupyMarines? I have, and OccupyGreece, OccupyAustralia, and OccupySpain among the many other Occupys.
    This is a WORLD WIDE protest. How governments and money are being used/misused are only two of the issues. Do we not deserve the respect and honesty as a people to hold those that ‘govern’ us into account? Is it fair to YOU that those same people are above our laws?
    Is this the world we leave to our children? Do we run with fear, or bury our heads? I choose NO! but it is only by working TOGETHER that we are going to start the changes we desire.
    Stand UP, 99%, for what YOU believe in.
    I believe in a better world.

    Thank you – Tammy Q

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